Advantages of our new edudip-infrastructure (v2)

Due to the company’s growth as well as increased demand, edudip introduced at the start of 2021 a new infrastructure for webinars, meetings and breakout rooms. This newly developed base involves program code with a corresponding connection to the hardware of the data center on which the webinars, meetings and breakout rooms run. The aim of the new infrastructure is to provide significantly better performance during periods of high usage.

Please pay attention to the following requirements and conditions:

  • Dynamic scaling of media and sharedobject servers.
  • Organization of the media and shared object servers in Kubernetes clusters.
  • Hetzner as cloud provider (significantly better performance compared to our previous provider).
  • An extensive analysis can be initiated in cases where help of our support is required
  • Due to big differences in the code structure between the old and new infrastructure, we can only release new features, such as breakout rooms (group rooms), on v2.
  • Firewall and proxy settings are optimized for enterprises (usage of standard ports). A list of used port for the new infrastructure can be found here.
  • Currently no phone dial-in available. Our development-team is currently hard at work implementing this feature for our new infrastructure.