If you are logged into your account in edudip next, you will first see your overview page, also known as the “dashboard”. The overview page shows you which edudip next subscription you are currently using and includes quick access to the most important administrative areas of your webinars. For current events, important system messages are also displayed on the dashboard. On the left side of the screen is the navigation bar with all available menu items for your subscription. Call up the areas by clicking on one of the menu items..

  • Reporting: In your dashboard overview you will receive a summary with a graphic representation of all registrations and landing page views of the last weeks, which will inform you quickly and easily about the success of your events. Via “All reports” you will be forwarded directly to the reporting area. You can also directly switch to the reporting area of all webinars via the dashboard menu item Reporting
  • Webinars: In the “webinars” area, you are able to see which webinars took place last or which webinars are planned in the future. This area gives you quick access to the settings for the respective event. You can use the “All webinars” button to call up the webinar administration for all events. Alternatively, you can switch directly to the webinar administration via the dashboard menu item Webinars.
  • Latest registrations: To assess your success, you will receive a quick overview of which participants last took part in your events. Here you can optionally switch directly to the Attendee management area.
  • Latest recordings: If you activated the “Recording” function for past events, the most recently saved recordings are displayed here. Via “All recordings” you get to the menu item Recordings.

You are able to find more information about the dashboard here in the download area.