Embedding YouTube content

YouTube videos can be used to customize the landing page and as a presentation in the webinar room. Video links to the YouTube platform can only be included on our platform as a full YouTube link or as video ID.

Example of a supported YouTube URL:

Example of a supported YouTube video ID: NAMccL4QpSM

So-called Short URL or very Short URL are not supported. Different providers like TinyURL, Bitly or t1p offer the possibility to shorten a URL. The edudip platform does not support these shortened URLs.

Example of unsupported YouTube URLs:


For security reasons, the YouTube-URL (https://www.youtube.com) must be present in the link. Alternatively, the video ID can also be used. Our system will then automatically add https://www.youtube.com/ to the URL.

YouTube shorts are not supported at this time.
You can, however, right-click on the YouTube short, select “Copy video URL” in the context menu and to embed the video behind the short into your webinar.