Features in the webinar room from the moderator’s point of view

As an owner, you are also the main host of your webinars. This means that when you enter your webinar room, you are directly present as a moderator and of course have access to all features. As soon as you appoint further co-moderators, they also have the opportunity to access all functions in the webinar room and appear in the top right of your camera image. The main moderator and co-moderator are entitled to start the webinar. You will always find the start button in the webinar room in the middle of the top of the screen.

  • The webinar room has 6 different icons, which can be referred to as main functions and between which you can switch back and forth. These are located to the left of your camera image. The organization enables quick and easy switching between the various functions. Every time you switch functions, your participants will see this switch too. However, this does not mean that your participants see when you prepare a survey or a YouTube video, you just switch to the corresponding view and your participants see the content as soon as you have started it. The following views are available:
  • Presentations: In this area you will find all functions related to the drawing area and have the option of uploading documents.
    • Select the “Documents” folder icon if you want to upload new documents or switch to the drawing area. To upload your documents, click on “Upload file” and select the files you wish to upload from your computer.
    • Select the “Pages” icon to see the slide preview of your documents or to be able to switch back and forth between the various slides quickly and easily.
    • Select the drawing tools menu to view the range of colors, shapes, and functions. You can now use these tools on the drawing area or on your uploaded documents. To do this, first select the shape or function and then the color and line width. In addition to the option to draw, various shapes and options for text input are also available. Simply click on the text icon to activate writing mode. Select a font color and click into the drawing or presentation area to open the text input field. Enter your desired text, choose the font size, click “Ok” and place your text. If you empty the page and want to remove the added texts and drawings, simply use the trash can icon. To take a screenshot of your slide, click the camera icon and take a photo of your screen. This is then saved as a .png file in your downloads.
    • Select the pointer symbol to show your participant where your mouse pointer is. Once you have shared your whiteboard with your participants, you have the option of specifying whether the name of the user should be displayed next to the laser pointer or not. While other functions can be activated at the same time, the pointer must be deactivated so that you can use the possibilities of the color palette.
    • Select the lock symbol to activate and deactivate the whiteboard. By default, only you are initially able to use the whiteboard, e.g. the drawing area. If you would like to give your participants the opportunity to get involved in drawing, click on the padlock to activate the drawing area for everyone. Now the color palette with all your drawing options is not only available to you, but also to the participants of your webinar. If you click the padlock again, you deactivate this option again and only you and your co-moderators are able to use the whiteboard again.
  • Screen sharing: To activate screen sharing, click on the screen icon to the left of your profile picture. You can choose between broadcasting the entire screen, an application window and a tab. If you want to share the entire screen, select it and then click “Share”. Your entire screen will now be broadcast and your participants will see everything that happens on your screen. To end the full-screen transfer as well as the transfer of an application window or tab, click on “Stop sharing”. Please note the browser-dependent use of the screen sharing function: using the screenshare-function with Safari is not possible due to compatibility issues of Safari. Furthermore, when using screen sharing in Firefox, the mouse pointer is not transferred.
  • YouTube: If you want to play one or more YouTube videos during your webinar, you should definitely add them to your video list beforehand. To add a video, simply open the video you want on YouTube, copy the YouTube link, then paste it into the “YouTube Link or Video ID” field and click “Add Video”. Select the YouTube icon to play the video during your webinar. All you have to do is click on the video. Just click the next video to switch to another video. End the video by clicking the “End video” button, which is located in the middle above the YouTube video. When you change the view, the video stops automatically.
  • Camera mode view: Use the camera view to change your viewing mode. By default, your camera image is displayed in the upper right corner. To view yourself as a full-size speaker in the webinar room, select the focus mode. If you hold your webinar with more than one moderator, the grid mode allows you to display the main moderator and up to 3 co-moderators in the webinar room. To end the transfer in focus or grid mode, simply choose another option or function.
  • Polling: Use the survey function and create your surveys before or spontaneously during the webinar. To create a poll, select “Create new poll”. Name your survey, phrase a question, provide different answer options and determine whether you allow multiple answers. If you have planned the survey in advance, save it with the save button. Your participants will not see your preparations, they will only see that you are in the survey view. Only when you click on “Start” your participants will see the survey you have just created or selected. To end the survey and show the results to your participants, click on the “Present results” button. If you choose the button “Exit poll”, your poll will be ended and the result discarded without you having presented it to your participants.
  • Chat : Use the chat to bring the chat into focus and display it over the entire size of the presentation area. As soon as you switch to another view, the chat is displayed in a smaller size again on the right-hand side.

Further information on the functions in the webinar room from the moderator’s point of view can be found here in the download area.