Our model of commisioning

If you acquire a seminar participant who newly registers on edudip market or Sofengo via your affiliate or webinar link, you receive 95% of all webinar revenues, including all future webinars this specific participant books from your list of webinars. To cover the costs of payment processing and invoicing, we retain 5%. If a participant books your course through the platform, you will receive 70% of the revenue amount. However, the minimum commission per participant is 0,60€. This model of commissioning also applies to recordings. The only exception is the sale of paid recordings and webinars after the cancellation of your premium subscription: With a Free account, your share drops to 50% on sold recordings and webinars.

The payout and invoicing of your sales takes place after one week. You as a trainer/organizer do not have to worry about anything and can plan and hold your webinar in peace.