Team management

In the menu item “Team management” you get an overview of the roles you have, for example moderator, administrator or accounting. Using the three dots to the right of your name, you can edit your role, revoke the meeting room or moderator license from one of your team members or delete their profile entirely.

If you need additional moderator licenses, the main licensee alone can book the desired amount of licenses using the “Purchase new moderator license” button in the “Team Management” area.

In order to then assign the purchased licenses to your team members, stay on the same page. Select the respective user after you have clicked the “Assign license” button. Here you are able to check how many moderator licenses are still available to you.

If colleagues to whom you want to assign a moderator license are not yet in the list, you can add them via email by using the “Invite new team member” button and assigning the desired rights. The invited colleague can then register via this invitation email and are automatically assigned to your team. In the team administration, you as the administrator will also see the number of your available meeting rooms, which you can assign to the respective team-members.

Please note that a teammember cannot be assigned to two appointments at the same time. The main licensee alone has the option of booking an additional meeting room if necessary; the moderator has no access to this area.

Attendee Management
Team management

Hint: Roles do not replace moderator-licenses. Assigning roles do not permit this specific user to hold webinars, a moderator license is still necessary.

*: 3 administrators are assignable for each account.