The new possibilities in the chat

Three different channels are now available to you within the chat. In the dropdown you find the public chat, the moderator chat and the private chats.

Public chat
In the public chat, messages can be sent and read by all moderators and participants.

Moderators only chat
In the moderator chat, messages can be sent by all moderators and participants. The messages can only be read by moderators and the participant who wrote the respective message to the moderator.

IMPORTANT: If a moderator replies to a message in the moderator chat, he does so via “Reply privately”. Since the moderator’s reply is not displayed in the moderator chat, it is advisable to mark the message as completed or delete it if there are several moderators.

Private chats
Messages in private chats can only be read and replied to by the sender and recipient.

When you receive a new message, you will be indicated next to your chat. To read the message, please open the dropdown menu and choose on the respective chat.