The settings of the webinar room from the participant’s point of view

  • Camera image: After entering the webinar room, you will first see the waiting lobby. As soon as the webinar starts, you will see the camera image of the main moderator and, if applicable, co-moderators in the top right corner of your screen, if they transmit their camera images. If the transmission is deactivated, a profile picture appears instead with the initials of the participant. Your camera image will only be shown if you have been chosen to be an active participant
  • Presentation area: The presentation is on the left side of the screen. When the moderator switches between the functions, the respective used functions appear in this area. These include the presentation slides, the whiteboard, YouTube videos, surveys, the moderator’s shared screen, camera mode or chat.
  • The participant list: The participant list is on the right side of the screen. It provides information about who and how many participants are in the webinar. If the moderator has set the participant list to “private”, it will not be displayed to you. If you, as a participant, are made an active participant or co-moderator by the moderator, this will be displayed under your name through a crown-icon. You can deactivate the status of the co-moderator by clicking on the crown under your name.
  • The chat: The chat is on the right side of the webinar room. Here you have the opportunity to communicate in writing with other participants and co-moderators by writing your message in the given field. By selecting the fields “All participants” or “Only moderators” you decide who you want to address your messages to. If the chat has been set to private, only communication with the moderators is possible. Private messages are displayed with a lock symbol.
  • Settings: In the middle, at the bottom of the screen, you will find the symbol for your settings through a wrench and screwdriver-icon. Decide whether you want desktop notifications, mirror your camera, or receive an alert when muted. You can also adjust your camera or microphone settings there.

Appointing active participants or co-moderators: The moderator has the option to activate you as a participant. When you are activated as a participant, you will be asked whether you want to start your audio and / or video transmission. Change the check-marks as you wish, start the transmission of your camera- and audio-stream or continue with the “Not now” button. If you do not want a transfer at first, you can activate this at any time by clicking on the respective symbols above the tool symbol at the bottom of the screen. If, for example, you only want to be heard but not seen, you can deactivate the camera transmission by clicking on the small camera symbol in the left corner of your display image. You can of course also deactivate the audio transmission. To completely deactivate yourself as an activated participant, click on the small cross in the top right corner of your profile or video picture. In addition to being activated as a participant, the moderator can also appoint you as a co-moderator. As a co-moderator, you proceed to activate your camera and microphone settings in the same way as an activated participant. To deactivate, click on the cross symbol in the upper corner of your display picture or on the crown next to your name in the list of participants.

Further information on the configuration of the webinar room from the participant’s point of view can be found here in the download area.