Webinar-support (VIP)

A webinar support (VIP) can optionally be booked from you for certain webinars. You will be charged for this service and it needs to be requested through sales department. During a technical webinar accompaniment, a member of our staff is specifically available for you and reachable through our telephone-hotline or chat to resolve technical problems as quickly as possible.

The VIP webinar-support includes the following services:

  • VIP Hours: Webinar-companions are available during Monday – Friday from 08:00 to 20:00 UTC+2.
  • Scheduling period: A webinar accompaniment must be scheduled with the edudip sales-department at least 7 days prior to the appointment.
  • Customer contact: The edudip webinar companion for the booked appointment will contact you to discuss the general conditions and schedule a check of each device used.
  • Device check: Each webinar accompaniment includes a device check. This takes place before the actual webinar accompaniment and is agreed upon between you and the webinar accompanist. The technology check is part of the webinar accompaniment and is not charged separately. The device check can take place in the same webinar room or in a separate webinar room. The check of the devices used will approximately take 15 minutes.
  • Services: The webinar accompanist is only a technical facilitator and does not perform any tasks related to the content of the webinars. Possible usage scenarios of the webinar accompanist:
    • The webinar accompanist serves as a technical observer and contact person. The organizer decides who may contact the webinar attendant. The webinar attendant can attend the webinar in different ways. (as a co-moderator or passive participant).
    • The webinar accompanist can be reached exclusively for the organizer or participants (the organizer decides this circumstance) through telephone under a specific telephone number.

Note: The webinar accompanist does not take over any part of the webinar content such as moderation, operation of slides, videos or other content.

Debriefing: If requested, a debriefing with the organizer will take place after the webinar.