Bandwidth requirement for the webinar room

The technical requirements for the data-transfer-rate of each network connection in detail. The values are maximum values that can be required during transmission.

A stream (video & sound transmission) requires 512 kbps.
Example: 1 Moderator + 3 Co-moderators + 4 active participants = 8x 512 kbps = 4096 kbps = 4 Mbps

Active screen sharing can require up to 1024 kbps, equivalent to 1 Mbps performance. Only one person may share their screen at a time. The transmission of screensharing must be added to the data of the streams.
Example: 4 Mbps (streams) + 1 Mbps (screen sharing) = 5 Mbps

In this example, a moderator or a participant needs a maximum, stable download rate of 5 Mbps. W-LAN connections rarely provide a stable connection. We recommend a connection with a network cable to the router or network for this reason.

Our edudip Next-500 package supports up to 4 moderators and 8 active participants. When using all available streams plus screensharing, a maximum data-transfer-rate of 7 Mbps may be necessary.

The streams are transmitted with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels in 4:3 format. The 4:3 format is more suitable for the presentation of a speaker than a 16:9 format.

The frame rate is 30 frames per second in each moderator stream and 15 frames per second in each stream of an active participant.