Features in the webinar room from the participant’s point of view

  • Hand signals: The hand signals offer a quick and easy way of communication. A total of 8 hand signals are available to you as a participant to give feedback to the moderator. The green and red thumbs as well as the smileys and the heart are self-explanatory, they signal positive or negative feedback. If the moderator asks whether everyone can hear him or her fine, you can use the thumbs up icon as feedback. If something was incomprehensible or you have questions, the question mark is suitable to inform the moderator. With the exclamation mark you confirm your statement or agree with the moderator. Should you have to leave the webinar for a moment, simply click on the symbol with the coffee cup and you will be marked as absent for all participants. Once you’re back, click the “I’m back” button to let the others know. By clicking on another hand signal, you change your current one, to remove it, click on the cross below the heart symbol.
  • Full-screen mode: Select full-screen mode to enlarge the view of the webinar room and display it over the entire screen. To exit the view, click on the icon again.
  • The whiteboard: As a participant, you have the option of using the drawing area and the pointer if the moderator has cleared the whiteboard for his participants. If this is the case, the symbol for your drawing tool and the one of the pointer appear to the left of the hand sign symbol. You can now use the available functions, colors and shapes on the drawing area until the moderator blocks the whiteboard, the presentation and drawing area for participants again.

You can find more information about the functions in the webinar room from the participant’s point of view here in the download area.