If you have activated the evaluation option under the menu item Settings and in the settings of the webinar, the attendees will receive an evaluation request by e-mail after the event. If rating your webinar is activated in the “Settings”-area, every piece of feedback given will be shown in an overview under the menu item “Feedback” and participants will receive a link via e-mail that gives them the opportunity to submit a webinar rating in the form of stars and comments. If the review is not submitted within 7 days, the link will expire.

You have the option of downloading or deleting the ratings submitted in the form of an excel table or by displaying them on your landing page. To display the rating on your landing page, simply select the rating you would like to show and click on the icon with the screen and the small plus.

If evaluations are generally not desired, the administrator can remove the check-mark for “Feedback” in the settings of your account. In this way, the evaluation function is also blocked for all teammates or moderators during individual webinars.