Settings of the webinar room from the moderator’s point of view

  • Camera image: After entering the webinar room, your camera image will appear in the top right corner of your screen, if you activate the camera transmission when entering. You will only see your participants if the webinar has already started automatically, due to the set start time or if you start your webinar manually by clicking the “Start now” button. The button is located in the middle of the top of the screen.
  • Presentation area: The presentation area for your webinar is located on the left-hand side of the screen. When you switch between the individual views and functions, your participants will see your prepared slides, the whiteboard, YouTube videos, surveys, the shared screen, the camera mode or chat.
  • The participant list: The participant list is on the right corner of the screen below the camera-area. It provides information about who and how many participants are in your webinar. As the moderator, you will see two symbols next to the name of each participant. If you would like to make the participant a co-moderator, select the small crown and then give the participant the rights of a moderator. If you would like to activate a participant, i.e. give him the opportunity to start his camera and / or audio transmission, click on the person icon with a small plus. However, the two symbols disappear as soon as the maximum number of co-moderators or active participants has been reached. The symbols above are also not displayed for participants whose technical requirements do not allow activation.
    Furthermore, it is possible to remove participants from the event via the “x” symbol to the right of the name. Please note that the removed participant can no longer join the current event.
    Participants in the participant list are listed alphabetically by their first name. Participants who gave a hand signal automatically move up and appear below the co-moderators until the hand signal is removed.
  • The chat: The chat is on the right side of the webinar room next to the list of participants. Here you have the opportunity to communicate in writing with your participants and co-moderators by entering your message in the given field. By selecting the fields “All participants” or “Only moderators” you decide who you want to address your messages to. In addition, moderators have the option of writing to individual participants privately. Hosts and co-hosts have the option to mark chat messages as done. This marking can be removed again if necessary. In addition, messages from hosts and co-hosts can also be deleted.
  • Settings: To get to the settings of your webinar room, please click on the wrench and screwdriver at the bottom of the screen. You now have various options that you are able to activate by ticking the box. Note that these settings will not be saved when you leave the webinar room. The settings should therefore only be made shortly before the start of the webinar.
    • Force private chat: If you force a private chat, you take away the option for participants to communicate publicly. The messages from participants are thus private and can only be read by the moderators. Participants only see their own chat messages and those of the moderator. However, moderators can still write publicly to all attendees.
    • Private list of participants: Activating the private participant list means that the participant list is no longer visible to participants in the webinar room. All moderators can still see the participant list.
    • Show name with laser pointer: When activated, the name of the active participant or moderator appears next to the laser pointer. The lead person’s name appears next to the pointer for all webinar attendees.
    • Clear chat on start: Clear chat on webinar start means that messages that were written by participants who appeared too early before the start of the webinar will be deleted.
    • Auto-focus active speaker: If the box “Auto-focus active speaker” is activated, the speaking moderator is brought to the front and automatically enlarged in camera mode.
    • Remove hand signals: Participants’ hand signals are displayed until participants remove them themselves. If you check this box, the hand signals of the participants automatically disappear after 15 seconds.
    • Desktop notifications: Determine whether you allow desktop notifications to be received during the webinar and whether you will receive a warning if your microphone is muted.
    • Camera and microphone: The system check in the webinar room ensures that camera and microphone are connected and recognized by the system. You can also select the devices you want or adjust your volume here. You will also receive a video preview of your webcam and have the opportunity to check your microphone activity.

Deactivation or activation of camera & sound: After entering the webinar room, if you have activated the camera transmission when entering, your camera image will appear in the top right corner of your screen. However, your attendees won’t see you until the webinar has started. You are able to activate or deactivate the camera and microphone via the corresponding icons in your camera image or by clicking on the same icons below directly via the webinar room settings.