If you click on “Webinars” in your dashboard menu on the left, you will get an overview of your own webinars and the webinars created by your teammates. With the search and filter function, you are able to search for specific webinars. Click on the desired webinar to access the webinar administration. There you have the opportunity to adjust the settings, create further dates for the webinar, upload and manage documents and presentations and get an overview of the latest registrations for the webinar.

The area “All participants” leads you to a list of all registered participants. The list of participants in your webinar can be exported after the event has ended. To do this, click on “All participants”, select the desired webinar date and finish the export with “Download Excel file”. The saved list contains not only every registered participant, but also the time of attendance of the participant in minutes and the time at which the participant entered the webinar room. This function does not exist in meetings.

Further options are available on the right-hand side of the screen. Here you are able to, for example, write to registered participants, invite new participants, customise your landing page and edit the registration form.

Under the menu item Webinar follow-up you have the option of evaluating the survey results and exporting the chat history of the respective event after the end of the webinar.